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I recently started discovering and learning about the world of Network Security and Bug Bounty, and it’s absolutely addicting, like playing a game. Wandering around to find treasures, getting defeated, accomplishing levels and sometimes getting rewarded.


Here is a tl;dr if you don’t have the time to go through whole post. While doing subdomain enumeration I found and found a Google Search API key and an unauthenticated API endpoint.

How I found the issue

While doing subdomain enumeration for, I came across their in-house Drug Management System By default, page redirects to login.html, let’s try signing up, nope no luck, there is no signup page.

Then I looked at Network requests being made, and noticed a GET reuest for config.json and it contained API keys and endpoints. Here’s what config.json contained

{  "SEARCH_ENGINE_KEY": "014227405161808294265:4qaxa_56cxk" ,    "TICKET_LIMIT": "20" ,    "DMG_API": "" ,    "GOOGLE_KEY": "AIzaSyAREDxwRpknZvq-mKQ_vadaMnNDP3_rdbk", "LABS_TEST_API": ""   }

and I was like.

There was one problem though, I don’t know where these keys are used. Without having a possible attack secnario there is no point of reporting it.

Looking at GOOGLE_KEY and SEARCH_ENGINE_KEY, it was hinting at a Google Service that uses search engine key, and then I found it, it was Google Custom Search API.

Looking at documentation, I was able to figure out how to consume the api. Let’s make a GET request to{QUERY}&key={API_KEY} but complains about missing paramter cx (The custom search engine ID to scope the search query (string)), so cx is the SEARCH_ENGINE_KEY.

Let’s craft the new GET request as follows{QUERY}&key={API_KEY}&cx={CUSTOM_KEY}

So I made a GET to the following endpoint dhankhar&key=AIzaSyAREDxwRpknZvq-mKQ_vadaMnNDP3_rdbk&cx=014227405161808294265:4qaxa_56cx/k

and I got following in the response.

I tried looking for 1mg’s bug bounty/security page but there was none, contacted them via [email protected], turns out email didn’t exists.

So I sent them a DM on Twitter and they said to send the report to [email protected] and they will forward to tech team. 1Mg’s customer care was very prompt and supportive :+1:.

Since Google Custom Search has a paid varaint , this was a financial risk. 5$ for 1000 queries, [which can be done under a minute or two, on a multi threaded system]

1mg fixed the issue by removing and revoking the GOOGLE_KEY and SEARCH_ENGINE_KEY.

Next I turned my attention to the remaining part of the config.json. I opened the LABS_TEST_API url and it said {"error": "Required params search_text not found"}. I thought, “Hmm, Interesting, let’s give the endpoint what it wants, a search_text parameter”. So I added the search_text parameter with para as query (to look for paracetamol :pill:). Final url was and response was this.

Again my reaction was this


I contacted them again and reported the issue and they fixed the issue by adding authentication on the top of the api.


Got a thanks from 1Mg :smile:. No rewards, since they don’t have bug bounty program, so no .


  • 27 April, 2018 - Reported API key issue to 1 Mg Customer Care
  • 28 April, 2018 - 1 Mg Fixed the issue
  • 28 April, 2018 - Reported open API endpoint issue to 1 Mg
  • 30 April, 2018 - 1 Mg Fixed the issue
  • 30 April, 2018 - Shared the disclosure draft for approval
  • 8 May, 2018 - Draft approved and blog published.


Thanks to 1Mg for fixing the bugs and permission to disclose the issues. 1Mg customer care was prompt and supportive, :+1: