GSOC Sugar Labs - Week 1

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This year I got the oppurtunity to participate in Google Summer of Code (GSOC) along with many students around the world and I will be working with Sugar Labs, they are an awesome organization and make tools which help students in learning. Do check them out and contribute with them. My proposal is to help maintain and revamp the existing Software store, also known as ASLO. Since it’s the main point to explore additonals tools for Sugar, I consider it one of the important projects and I am glad and excited to work on such a big and important project. I intend to blog my experience and summary of each week. I am extremely grateful to Walter Bender and Tony Anderson for helping me out with the proposal and giving valuable suggestions through the whole process.

Weekly Journal

I still remember, the moment when I discovered that I got into GSOC. Results were to be announced around 9:30 PM (IST) on 4 May, 2017 and few minutes before the announcements there was a blackout and I was very anxious, but luckily, a few seconds after 9:30 PM, power was up again (what a coincidence :sweat_smile:) . As soon I typed in my name and saw an entry for my name, I knew I was in, it took me one failed attempt to get into GSOC and since it was my final year as a student, I was happy that I finally made it. Around 10 PM I recieved an official email from Google confirming my acceptance. It was difficult to sleep that night due to excitement :smile:.
On Monday (8 May, 2017), there was official IRC meeting on #sugar-meeting to discuss plans and roadmap for future, discussing an appropriate time for meeting with mentors. It was great meeting everyone on IRC and discussing potential modes of communcation and ways to move ahead. I also expressed my interest in help testing another Sugar Labs Project, which is to bring Sugar to Raspberry Pi.
On email conversations with Walter and Tony, we discussed about a suitable time for weekly mentor-mentee meeting. Also touched upon using a task management system and one name that came up during the conversation was Zenhub.

Goals for next Week

Hoping to learn new things and share some good things I know, this is going to be something new and exciting. Thanks for spending your time reading this. If you find any mistake, typo or grammatical mistake, let me know