GSOC Sugar Labs - Week 16

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This is the sixteenth post in the series of my weekly GSOC Sugar Labs, where I summarize my week of working with Sugar Labs under GSOC.

Weekly Journal

This week Samuel and I worked on adding translations for Spanish and Hindi version along with migration of old aslo-1 data. Also, aslo-v3 has new home, website is hosted here and source code shifted to Sugarlabs Github Repo.

Adding translations

Samuel added the Spanish es translation ( and I worked on the Hindi hi translation ( For handling translations we are using flask-pybabel. User locale is set by either retrieving session code or predicting from browser headers.

def get_language():
    # Detect lang based on Accept-Language header
    langs = request.accept_languages
    if not langs:
        return 'en'

    langs = [lang.replace('-', '_') for lang in langs.values()]
    lang = langs[0]
    # treat 'en_*' languages as 'en' except for en_US and en_GB
    if 'en_' in lang and lang not in ['en_US', 'en_GB']:
        lang = 'en'

    return lang

def get_app_locale():
    if 'lang_code' in session:
        return session['lang_code']
        return get_language()

  # init Babel
    babel = Babel(app)

Then each translated .po file is added to the appropriate destination and translated by the babel.

Migration Script

This was the most difficult and fun of all. We had to migrate old aslo-1 data to new aslo-v3 and adapt it to the new schema as well. I encountered many edge cases there (like empty icon data, no translation, no license). Migration script started out as simple but ended up being a messy script :sweat_smile:. To access mysql data (which was imported out of a dump) I used sqlsoup which is built upon sqlAlchemy (sqlAlchemy is also good but sqlsoup automatically infers schema and provides a high level control over database). To insert the actual data we re-used the Activity service. Migration script is by no means complete but we will get there. To aid up the analysis of addons (activity), script logs the interesting facts to disk.

Here is the Gist to the script and here is the code

 # Requires Python 3.2 and onwards

import sqlsoup
import itertools
import os

from aslo.service import activity as activity_service

db = sqlsoup.SQLSoup("mysql://{}:{}@{}/{}".format("root",
                                                  "YourPassword", "localhost", "activities"))

# Setup log directories
# Python 3.2 onwards
os.makedirs("faulty_addons/", exist_ok=True)
os.makedirs("good_addons/", exist_ok=True)

import mongoengine as me

def make_user_hash(user_info):
    user_hash = dict.fromkeys(['name', 'page', 'email', 'avatar'], None)
    user_hash["name"] = user_info.firstname + ' ' + user_info.lastname
    user_hash["page"] = (user_info.homepage or None)
    user_hash["email"] =
    return user_hash

def modify_locale_underscore(translation_entry):
    # Both tuples and dict keys are immutable :(
    new_locale, localized_string = translation_entry[0].replace(
        "-", "_"), translation_entry[1]
    return (new_locale, localized_string)

def convert_translations(translation_id, without_locale=False, singular=False):
   # Handle Null/None translation ids
    if translation_id is None:
        return None

    if without_locale:
        if singular:
            translation = db.translations.with_entities(db.translations.localized_string).filter(
       == translation_id).first()
            translation = db.translations.with_entities(db.translations.localized_string).filter(
       == translation_id).all()
        return translation
        translation = db.translations.with_entities(db.translations.locale, db.translations.localized_string).filter(
   == translation_id).all()
        translation = list(map(modify_locale_underscore, translation))
        return dict(translation)

def find_developers(addon_id):
    user_ids = db.addons_users.with_entities(db.addons_users.user_id).filter(
        db.addons_users.addon_id == addon_id).all()
    user_lists = []
    for user in user_ids:
        user_info = db.users.filter( == user[0]).one()
    return user_lists

def get_bundle_details(version_id):
    result = db.files.with_entities(db.files.filename, db.files.created).filter(
        db.files.version_id == version_id)
    if result.count() > 0:
        return None, None

# App version id is different from version id

def get_sugar_version(app_version_id):
    return db.appversions.filter( == app_version_id).one().version

def get_license(license_id):

    if license_id is None:
        return FALLBACK_LICENSE

    text_id = db.licenses.filter( == license_id).one().text
    if text_id is None:
        return FALLBACK_LICENSE
    # Strip license with long texts and return header only
    license_text = convert_translations(text_id, without_locale=True, singular=True)[
    if not license_text:
        return FALLBACK_LICENSE
        return license_text

def flatten_singly_tuple_list(target_list):
    def single_out(el): return el[0]
    return list(map(single_out, target_list))

def get_sugar_info(version_id):
    sugar_info = dict.fromkeys(
        ['is_web', 'is_gtk3', 'has_old_toolbars'], False)
    version_info = db.applications_versions.filter(
        db.applications_versions.version_id == version_id)
    if version_info.count() > 0:
        sugar_info['min_sugar_version'] = get_sugar_version(
        sugar_info['min_sugar_version'] = 0.0

    return sugar_info

def get_category_text(category_id):
    translation_id = db.categories.filter( == category_id).one().name
    return flatten_singly_tuple_list(convert_translations(translation_id, without_locale=True))

def get_addon_categories(addon_id):
    category_ids = db.addons_categories.with_entities(
        db.addons_categories.category_id).filter(db.addons_categories.addon_id == addon_id).all()
    category_ids = flatten_singly_tuple_list(category_ids)
    categories = list(map(get_category_text, category_ids))
    # Flattens a nested list
    return list(itertools.chain(*categories))

def generate_old_download_url(bundle_name, addon_id):
    return "{}/{}".format(addon_id, bundle_name)

def get_addon_releases_info(addon):
    addon_id =
    releases = []

    def isFloat(el):
            return True
            with open("faulty_addons/{}.log".format(addon_id), 'a') as f:
                print("Skipping version id {} and  activity version {}. Reason: Invalid/non-float version number ".format(
                    el[0], el[1]), file=f)
            return False

    version_info = db.versions.with_entities(,
                                             db.versions.version, db.versions.releasenotes, db.versions.license_id).filter(db.versions.addon_id == addon_id).all()

    # Remove non float versions
    version_info = [el for el in version_info if isFloat(el)]
    # Couldn't sqlachemy way of supplying custom function of order, there is one out there but I did a hack of sorting the result
    # Sort by float value of versions
    # We are sorting to avoid error by activity_service

    version_info = sorted(version_info, key=lambda el: float(el[1]))
    # Convert release notes/
    i18n_name = convert_translations(
    i18n_summary = convert_translations(addon.description)
    # Add placeholder in case of no summary
    if i18n_summary is None:
        i18n_summary = {'en': 'No Summary '}

    homepage = convert_translations(
        addon.homepage, without_locale=True, singular=True)
    # Handle empty links
    if homepage is not None:
        homepage = homepage[0]
    # Else fallback to support url and then to emptyd
        supporturl = convert_translations(
            addon.supporturl, without_locale=True, singular=True)
        if supporturl is not None:
            homepage = supporturl[0]
            homepage = " "

    developers = find_developers(addon_id)
    icon_bin = addon.icondata

    bundle_id = addon.guid

    # First look for license in the suggested amount
    license = addon.suggested_amount

    for version_id, version, releasenote, license_id in version_info:
        release_info = {}
        release_info['release'] = {}
        release_info['screenshots'] = {}
        releasenote = convert_translations(
            releasenote, without_locale=True, singular=True)
        release_info['sugar'] = get_sugar_info(version_id)
        release_info['activity_version'] = version
        bundle_name, release_info['release']['time'] = get_bundle_details(
        if bundle_name is None:
            with open("faulty_addons/{}.log".format(addon_id), 'a') as f:
                print("Skipping version id {} and  activity version {}. Reason: No bundle file found ".format(
                    version_id, version), file=f)

        # Priortize suggested amount, if None then only get license from license id
        if license is None:
            release_info['license'] = get_license(license_id)
            release_info['license'] = license

        release_info['download_url'] = generate_old_download_url(
            bundle_name=bundle_name, addon_id=addon_id)

        release_info['i18n_name'] = i18n_name
        release_info['i18n_summary'] = i18n_summary
        release_info['developers'] = developers
        release_info['repository'] = homepage
        release_info['icon_bin'] = icon_bin
        release_info['bundle_id'] = bundle_id
        if releasenote is not None:
            release_info['release']['notes'] = releasenote[0]
            release_info['release']['notes'] = " "

        if icon_bin is None:
            with open("faulty_addons/{}.log".format(addon_id), 'a') as f:
                print("Skipping version id {} and  activity version {}. Reason: No/Invalid icon data found ".format(
                    version_id, version), file=f)

        # Skip Activities with unknown, undefined, and no licenses
        if release_info['license'] is not None:
            with open("good_addons/{}.log".format(addon_id), 'a') as f:
                print("Added to Database .  version id {} and  activity version {}".format(
                    version_id, version), file=f)
            with open("faulty_addons/{}.log".format(addon_id), 'a') as f:
                print("Skipping version id {} and  activity version {}. Reason: Unknown license ".format(
                    version_id, version), file=f)
    return releases

if __name__ == "__main__":
    non_zero = 0
    zero = 0
    for addon in db.addons.all():
        print("Addon id {}".format(
        result = get_addon_releases_info(addon)
        if len(result) > 0:
            non_zero = non_zero + 1
            print("Non zero release")
            zero = zero + 1
            print("Zero release")

    print("Non-zero activities : {}".format(non_zero))
    print("Zero activities : {} ".format(zero))

As per script logs.

We got 51 activities with 735 releases. We rejected releases due to one of the following reasons.
  • Missing icon data
  • Unknown license
  • Non float version numbers
  • Missing bundles

Goals for Next Week

This will be the last week of GSOC (GSOC formally ends on 29 September, 2017) but aslo-v3 development will continue :smile:. I hope to finish majority of the work this week and make aslo-v3 a viable successor to aslo-1.